Eyebrow Threading is the practice of shaping eyebrows using just thread. It's a very gentle, sanitary, and painless way of removing unwanted facial hair. It is commonly practiced in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle East and other Asian countries. This technique is currently being accepted widely in USA as one of the safest methods for facial hair removal.


Threading is an acquired skill, hence only a trained professional can do it. It is a craft that requires time and practice to master it. It is also an art form, creating clean lines with precision and refining the quality as well as the appearance of the face. Threading is the answer to those who are looking for a natural, fast and painless way to get rid of unwanted facial hair.






Benefits of Threading over waxing:


Threading is highly recommended by Dermatologists for hair removal on clients who have

delicate sensitive skin, had skin peels, undergone Micro'-Dermabrasion, acne, use Rein-A,

use accutane, renora or retinol.


• Does not harm the skin because the top layer of the skin is not peeled or traumatized.


• Is not bad for the health of the skin around the eye area because it not pulled up as it is      

  with waxing.


• Threading surpasses waxing in accuracy giving brows a smoother, cleaner and neater   

   look with more precise, straighter lines


• Does not burn the skin


• No irritation or skin rashes


• No chemical side effect


• No allergic reactions


• No soreness or swelling


• Little to no redness


• Skin will not sag over time due to the pulling effects and cell damage that wax can cause.


• You can sun bathe or go in tanning bed after threading


• You can apply makeup immediately after threading


• Less painful


• 100 % natural


• No artificial wax


• No chemicals


• No inflammation


• No loss of elasticity


• Removes dead skin


• More sanitary